October 23, 2021

Yes today is an anniversary, not mine per say, but it is one I will always remember. 

Today is the Anniversary of when I lost my wife and 2 kids to a bloody attack that the Serpentis did to the Caldari transport they were on. This is the day that has been burned into my mind, forever. 

Although the Caldari won’t admit the attack happened, I am bound to seek my revenge for what happened. After a year or two,  I decided to join Eve University to learn how to fly and fight, so I could get my revenge. I thought the corp would teach me what I wanted and needed to know to seek my revenge, but they could only get me to a certain point, before I had to leave. 

Don’t get me wrong, Eve University is a great crop to get involved with and to learn all aspects of living life as a capsuleer. They teach how to fit and fly ships. They teach you how to enjoy life as a capsuleer, but being a neutral corp and always war decked, I couldn’t be in the corp any longer. The management within the corp is the slowest I have ever seen, which was the true straw that broke this camel’s back.

I have now found a better corp Wolf Brothers INC. They have welcomed me warmly and have offered to teach me more about the tactics of flying and killing who I need to and where and how. My training with one of the corp leaders,

Lauralite Delilah Brezia

has helped me tremendously. I have to also acknowledge Karina for more help and training.

Tomorrow brings a new day of training and killing of the ships and people who may just deserve it.

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