October 23, 2021

Although the photo is is what I think everyone was expecting, it didnt work that way. I was under the impression of a couple of things last night

1: there was going to be a cap chain which would have helped a lot specially since I had never flown a Logi before and could of used the help.

2: I was under the impression others were going to be there with us during the battle.

None of the above happened and things went down hill real fast. Lost a couple of ships and some big Isk as well.

I was going to bring an ECM ship, but because I was told I would be in that cap chain I didnt, which after the fact, would have been better if I indeed brought the ECM ship.

With this being my first b”big fight” during war time, I was excited yet very nervous. It’s a much different experience during a war than hunting down single ships and popping them.

I still have much to learn.

if there was any good news of the night, it was Laura and I had some time together before the battle, which is always a bit more comforting.

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