October 23, 2021

 So, yesterday was a bit different than I was expecting. I was expecting with the losses we had from the prior night, people would be enraged and wanting more blood. This was not the case, things were more of back to normal business.

 From a personal point of view, that worked for me putting my nerves at ease for at least on night.I was actually able to sit down and talk with Laura about what we were doing and what was going on between us.

 For the most part, what I was hopping was indeed what she was feeling toward me, as I was to her, which made me very happy. I also loved the huge laugh I got from her, when I compared her to a vampire, which she replied she hadn’t been called that before, but has been called much worse.

 She also did something I wasn’t expecting. She “marked” me with a blue kiss on my neck.I thought at first, it was just a simple kiss of blue lipstick, but learned quickly from the stinging pain it was something else!

 Still a bit sore to the touch, this marking is permanent from what I can tell, like a tattoo. I am guessing this is signification of her loyalty to me, which I treasure from her. 

We also got a couple of kills in

Eugales, which at first tag teamed me, before I was able to get out, then we set up a small camp at a plex and got them both!



 Today is a new day and let’s see how thing pan out, both with her and I and this war we are in.

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