October 23, 2021

I was around last night to help where I could with the war. One of our structures was taken down to armor, which I didnt get at first, but seen why after a bit. 

This war, in my opinion needs more attention from the leaders who are running it. If they do not agree on how to run things, then someone must take command and get shit rolling.I sat in a structure with my Raven while people were bickering back and forth, when I spoke up and said listen, we need to know what do, how to do it and where to do it and what to bring, dont over complicate it, specially if you are going to have new low skilled players also fighting in the war.

The lack of structure is pretty evident and if people cannot be at certain places at certain times, then we need to find others who can be.when I was in Eve University, there were doctrines on just about everything, including fits for ships and how to deal with war and who to go to for information as well as orders on what to do.

Maybe I just need to speak up to everyone, although I am new and start giving directions. This way even if I am wrong, then maybe the people in charge will come together and get shit right.

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