October 23, 2021

I am having a lot of thoughts running through my head lately. First was rage, I lost a Merlin to a douche bag and of course when I re-shipped, he bolted. Not only that, when I did find him again he said “gee.. wont let it go will ya?”, I was like fuck no. He bolted again.

I also lost a Navy Caracal, by doing something stupid, not looking up a site before trying to take it on. Nothing like getting scrammed by a few battleships and losing my ship. I was dumb!

The last thought off the top of my head is about Laura, we sat down for a couple of minutes, discussing this mark she put on me, now to me this means something, it means a lot. I am getting the feeling it may mean something different to her, I dont know, kind of like a casual thing. We didn’t get to talk long because things came up and I had to leave, being on call.

To me, if someone branded you with a mark, it kind of means possession, or something like that, but I am getting a weird feeling that something else may be going on, I dont know. I will have to catch her again and have a nice chat and see where things are.

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