October 23, 2021

Am I really cut out?

There is no doubt that I have been having a ton of fun in the pvp department, but I am starting to question the skills I have learned. I know to a few, they see me as a decent pvp’er, but I know to a lot more, I am by no means a good pvp’er.

This bring up the question in my head, which I wonder if I will be good enough to take out the people I really want to kill out right. Granted, as I have said before, I have a lot to learn.

Running through ships and hulls isnt my idea of a good time, my ideal good time is to not go through so many. I did on the other hand prepare for such a learning curve as I gave myself. I stocked up on hulls and can fit them pretty quickly as long as the modules are around on market.

I still get those shakes when I first see someone in local, that I am looking to do battle with, which granted have lessened in the past few weeks. I even heard from someone else, that they also get those shakes, but I figured with as many kills I have gotten and how comfortable I am in the ships I normally use, I would have gotten over those by now.

As far as corp life, things are going well and I am invited to teach newbros as they come into the group, and I am now a recruiter for sure for our corp. Matter of fact I thought I was going to bring in a new player, but he wanted to do faction stuff instead, which I can appreciate.

I guess in closing, the past few days havent been my best and I need to improve, but at times that seem daunting to say the least. I am still going to keep going and killing when I have the opportunity to do so and hope to grow from that.

enough with my ramblings and tomorrow is a new day.

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