October 23, 2021

You know, when you are out hunting for targets for pvp fighting and you think you have a good one. You warp in and start the battle, this is the height of the excitement! 

I found a Tristan in a novice site and got him disrupted, which was cool, but my Condor couldn’t take all of the drone damage and I wasn’t doing enough damage to over come his armor repair, which I lost the Condor. That isn’t what pissed me off, that was a goof fight!

What pissed me off is that when I went back to engage him again after getting a Merlin, I warped to where I thought he was but he wasn’t. When I arrived on gate, there was another ship who is blue to me (meaning we don’t battle each other due to alliance friendships) warped in at the same time.

 My thoughts were “Let’s get the target together..” thinking since he was blue we could tag team the target. Once I was inside the site, the original target I came back for was not there and the blue ship slid the gate right behind e and entered the site. Once he entered, he immediately scrammed me and launched drones and started firing at me. I announced in local that he was blue to me and to stop, but he didn’t. I didn’t fire because I thought he was going to stop after seeing I said he was blue to me. Nope he took my Merlin and I was really pissed. 

After he took my Merlin, he then says in local “sorry my bad”, which I replied a swift “Fuck You!”. I told him I was going to contact diplomacy and well he didn’t really care.

Whats the point of having alliances and friendships in this space if people are just going to ignore them and do what they want?

I want Justice! 

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