October 23, 2021

As the title says, so far so good. We took their structure down to hull and now we have to wait 10 days to be able to completely wipe them from our space. We were expecting some resistance, so Sterling Blades had me FC a small fleet of corp and alliance members as support to the main damage fleet of battleships of our friends and allies. 

To be honest I was a bit scared because Sterling chose me, but he wasn’t available because of other issue that arose and had him elsewhere dealing with other matters. I am honored for him to have me be the FC, but I was still worried as the timer was clicking down.

Luckily, the enemy didn’t show, but we did have some other issues to deal with because the system was under Triglavian Invasion and we had to fend off 2 attacks by the Triglavians which could have turned out bad, but it all worked for the best for everyone involved.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the OP and also wanted to thank everyone for having trust in me, to do my part as the FC.

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