October 23, 2021

It must just be me, right?

I dont know what it is with Laura. Seems every time I try to get close to her, either she is “busy” or we are at war, dealing with that and other crap.

I sent her a mail explaining how I feel and I kinda mentioned that I wasnt sure if we were meant to be together as I inticipated, which we touched on briefly, but was hoping she didnt have the feelings I was thinking she had, or should I say, didnt have.

I’d have to say it was pretty discouraging when I seen her and Maha coming back into the Archa system together. I would think they were working on something, but from what I have heard, they can also be having a “thing” too I suppose.

I think I may need to just come out straight with Laura and see what the real deal is because with everything going on, I dont want to put extra energy into something that isnt real.

I am also still uneasy with this mark she put on me, after all, if it doesnt have a meaning to it, then why even do it?

This is why I am still hanging around her, but also avoiding her for now until we can have a nice long talk.

Is it just me or am I over reacting to something that is just a slow process or something?

You know, trying to figure women out can be much harder than taking a Condor and going after a Drake and living, ya know?

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