October 23, 2021

Yes, I finally got to talk to her, but it was not under the circumstances I was hoping for. This seems to be a growing trend with Laura and I whenever we get a chance to talk, even if over an audio device. 

Yes, I was a bit sarcastic to her at first, not really knowing the full details of what she had just gone through, which when I found out, I changed my attitude right a way. when you hear these kind of details you are immediately remorseful for any kind of sarcastic comments.

She went on to explain that someone had tried to assassinate her. There was a bombing that she was directly involved with and took a good amount of damage. Luckily for her, most of her cybernetic parts took the blunt of the explosion, although she was still hurt pretty bad. She would never admit that she was really hurt, but I could tell by her voice that she was.

I had to remind her of how I felt, not from a relationship part, but from a corporation perspective, because she is our lead diplomat and we don’t need our diplomat killed, even if there is a back up in place. I, of course, also mentioned how much I worry about her and what she has been doing. The funny part is, this explosion wasn’t where I was thinking it was. With me being away, I only had small details of some explosions that happened, but didn’t really know where, but she did inform me of what had happened and where.

Although they did catch 3 of the people involved with her assassination attempt, one did get away and that troubles me the most. To know there is still one out there that could do this again to her, makes me ill just to think about it.

I at least got her a blue print copy of the implant she had lost when she was smart bombed on another mission.

To be honest it would hurt me more to lose her like that, even more than the corporation losing a diplomat.

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