October 23, 2021

So a meeting of the officers was called for last night and to be honest I was a bit nervous about what was going to be said and done. Sterling had approached me even before the meeting was called and told me that we needed to have an officers meeting asap, because of the leadership change within the corp and how things were getting misunderstood within the ranks below the leadership. 

This made me nervous because Sterling wasn’t himself or acting like himself, as far as I could tell. Seemed very “formal” and not as much friendly as he normally is. Maybe it was just a bad night for him or something, who knows.

I figured whatever it was probably had something to do with me because he mentioned leadership change within the corp and we hadnt addressed it because of the recent wars we were dealing with and the holidays.

Well come to find out it was kind of something I had mentioned to Sterling, about how I needed what was in his and Laura’s heads as far as information I needed to do my job, so when corp members ask me questions I can have answers. This was misunderstood and I can totally see why. 

We got everything cleared up and I was very happy to hear that I was really accepted in the role I am in now and everyone is in support of me and how we will all work together for a common goal.

The other thing is, this is a great kind of break through of communication within the upper leadership of the corp and alliance and there will be more meetings to come.

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