October 23, 2021

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, things have been busy.

After being prompted many times by Laura & Sterling, I had finally stepped up and started running fleets. I was scared to be honest, only being in a few fleets myself. 

I decided to use some cheap Thrashers for my first fleet. The fleet was fun, but everyone could tell my inexperience in running a fleet.I am very privileged to have a great corp and groups of friends that both helped dealing with my inexperience and helped me along with their support. 

I have ran 3 fleets so far and believe that I have become a better FC with each fleet that I have ran. I have been taking comments and info from everyone who has attended to gain their thoughts and also learn and get more experience. With taking the comments, I can also look at what members are looking for when flying and how they liked or didnt like aspects of each fleet. This information is crucial for me learning more.

Laura & Sterling have both gave great feedback as far as learning the mechanics of running a fleet, while everyone else has had great feedback with their own experiences.

I was also given the role of Director from the Corp as well. With this new role I am looking forward to learning much more of the back end of how the corp runs and will be able to help other corp members as I learn.

For everyone within the corp and friends that have come along on my fleets, I really appreciate you helping me learn more and dealing with my inexperience with the fleets I have run and also with the corp inner workings, which as I said, I stive to be better to help make this corp the best in New Eden. 

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