October 26, 2021

I was really nice to get out and fly with Laura again. She seemed to be in a rut and even kinda mentioned it to me as well. But since the fleet I ran last weekend she has seemed to take it a notch back upwards. 

Its good to hear her say that she likes the feel of the kill (not that she never does). Its nice to see her smile again and I hope to fly with her again soon to post more kills for the corp.


She has had a couple of really nice kills lately and I am linking her new sense of her ‘normal’ self again.

Its also nice the she is starting to confide in me again also. We have been pretty distant since the wars and with everything going on with the corp. She does most of all the logistics, planning and making sure structures are running and not out of fuel. She is our head diplomat and I strive to be like her in that department.

I hope with my new role within the corp, I can start helping with more stuff to help lower the burden she has. After all she has kept this corp running for 3 years on her own. I know how hard it is to let some of the burden go, but with all the new people that are here and willing to help, I hope she recognizes it.

Laura has been a mentor of mine and now with her also helping with logistics and fleet building and guidance, I am sure Wolf Brothers will be a force to recon with in the future.

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