October 26, 2021

Yeah I had a bit of an ego, I’ll admit that. I had seen a Catalyst farmer in a small plex in the Vey system in Placid (low sec). I warped to the plex and got in and of course the farmer warped off right away before I could get a scram on him. I followed the Catalyst to a nearby station, where he docked.

Right when the Catalyst docked, I seen someone else come into the system and it was a Tristan. I thought, this should be an easy kill and scanned him down to the same plex I was just at. I warped right to the gate and he was sitting about 12 km off gate. I approached and that is the beginning of the end of my cool Corax I was using.

I approached to get into range and he scrammed me. I am afterburner fit, so that didnt matter much, but what did matter is that I wasn’t able to scram him. He launched his drones and was kiting me the whole time. The mistake I made was that I thought I could get close enough to him to scram him, and I was ignoring his drones at first.

After seeing the drones doing good damage to me, it was at that point I started targeting the drones, but I was already at half shields. I had burned out my afterburner trying to catch him and didn’t notice I wasn’t moving (which we all know is the worst when in a fight). Before I knew it I was having a hard time locking his drones, because my overview didnt have the drones on it, to make it easier to target.

We all know how hard it is when fighting drones when they aren’t on your overview for easier targeting. So I was starting to panic and I kept missing targeting the drones and then it was just a matter of time. I was about to kill a few drones, but they had eaten away far enough that I knew I was going to lose the ship.

What really burns my ass, is that when I blew up, I had selected a station to warp off to, but for some reason (I probably clicked the wrong dam thing) I didn’t warp and sat for a couple of seconds. That’s when I seen him target my pod and podded me.

I need to get back with Lauralite Brezia and do more training and doing different maneuvers and get better. The Corax isn’t a big loss, but the loss of ego can hurt much worse.

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