October 26, 2021

Worst fleet yet..

I just had a bad feeling about Saturday night’s fleet from the get go. People who said they were going to show didn’t and it took forever to finally get going with the few that actually showed, after waiting for almost an hour. I wanted to run a small ship fleet because when I ran a destroyer fleet, it seems as if we were only finding frigates in novices and had to wait for scouts to go in and take them out. So, my thinking was we all can fly frigates and get into novices.

The bad stuff happened when a corp member brought an expensive cruiser (which she asked me first and I allowed) and battle cruiser. I had warped the fleet to a structure and we had docked waiting on the big ships to get into system, because I had a battle cruiser and cruiser on dscan (Brutix & Caracal). Once in system they met at the station and docked. We were at the point of not being able to dock, when the decision of the cruiser pilot to undock and see what was going to happened.

The Brutix yellow boxed all of us and we were playing the game of chicken, due to the station guns. One of the frigate pilot accidentally open fired on the Brutix and it was game on. We did finally take out the Brutix but it was very costly, losing a ship worth over 300M Isk. The pilot wasn’t happy and I dont blame them a bit.

We continued the fleet and tried to make up for the huge loss, but that would not be the case. I got a few kills as the night went on, but overall the fleet was at a big loss of isk, about 200M or so.

I will have to work more on FCing, even though this was a non-formal fleet, but it could have worked out better if the right decisions were made by me and really focusing on the fleet at hand rather than messing around. Again, this was not a formal fleet but I sure could have done better myself.

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