October 23, 2021

Saturday Night Fleet Night

This coming Saturday night March 21st, I will be FCing a fleet like I usually do. I will be FCing a destroyer fleet and hopefully will have a few frigate scouts to join also.

The corporation will be handing out T1 destroyers to everyone who wants to attend. These ships are pretty cheap and are made to not come back, so no need to worry about ship losses.

We have Thrashers, Talwars and Cormorants to pass out to everyone who wants to fly along. We will also have Condors on hand to pass out for any possible scouts that want to attend.

Fleet information:

Form Up: Archavoinet, Placid at Maracite Foundry 02:00 Eve Time

Fleet Departure: 02:30 Eve Time

Fleet Destination: Kadama, Black Rise

Fleet Timing: Around 1.5 – 2 hours or until everyone gets tired or gets blown up.

The goal of the fleet is to have everyone who attends gain their 10,000 skill pints for a pvp kill, while the event is still running.

If you are planning to attend, send me a mail/pm in game, or ping/dm me on discord or email me at sakeineve@gmail.com

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