October 23, 2021

Last Fleet, I Got My Ass Handed To Me

Although all of our fleets are made to lose our ships, we stamp out all T1 ships, even some without rigs just to make them cheaper. But, it’s still never a good feeling when you get your fleet destroyed.

The main reason why we got smashed, was that we were in high sec and sent a scout into the next low sec system and found out it was camped like a mother fucker. If we turned back, it would have been like 20 jumps to go back and it had been a very quiet night, except an Astero kill which had been the highlight at that point.

With input from the fleet, I came to the decision to jump the gate and try to at least take out one ship before we kicked the bucket. Everyone was on board and we jumped. The really bad thing is we couldn’t even take out the frigate we had targeted and most of us got popped and most killed and sent back home.

Was it fun, yes. Did it cost a ton, no. But the ego always takes a hit when this happens even to the best FCs out there.

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