October 23, 2021

When teaching gets you killed.

Although we do PVP and kill ships in low sec, we also like to teach and learn from our mistakes. I made the mistake of actually trusting someone, whom I thought I could have trusted. Yeah, I know – Welcome To Eve.

I had been talking to someone from local for awhile and they seemed really cool. There was a mix up because they were dual boxing and I didn’t know they were fighting themselves. I had become ‘friendly’ with one of the toons whom I seen a lot in local over time and thought I would help this toon out.

I seen them all at an open site. 2 destroyers (Dragoon, Thrasher, who I thought were ‘the enemy’) and a cruiser who I was ‘friends’ with in local. I warped in to take a peek and seen everyone there and bounced back to engage. I did engage the thrasher and dragoon and got both kills.

After I got the kills, the ‘friend’ was still on grid and they engaged me! I was pissed and said I was helping, but they kept denying a conversation. I was trying to say I had come in to help, but didnt know that they were dual boxing with the Dragoon. They popped my Kiki and the other 2 left the system

After the other 2 left, I get a convo started by Shay, saying “Dude we need to talk”. I accepted and then learned about the whole dual boxing thing and Shay refunded my Kiki loss.

A little bit later the other returned with a Kestrel, which I was also in. I challenged him to a 1 vs. 1 and Shay could watch and not interfere because Atyypical said he was new and said I would take him out easily. I said I would shoot at him until I hit hull then stop, which I did. I said in local I had stopped firing, which he didnt do much damage to me at all. I then asked what he was doing and what did he miss? Then Shay had yellow boxed me, so I though they were firing at me, so I switched targets and then noticed they werent shooting, then went back to shooting Atyypical, but he already had me into hull. I yelled that I had stopped, then of course he says – “I didn’t agree to the terms”. I was beyond pissed.

I will keep looking for him and I will catch him and I will KILL HIM!

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