October 26, 2021

I have had a nice couple of days in the pvp realm. The funniest was last night when I was in Frairie and seen a Condor on D-Scan. The pilot was part of the Caldari State, which I like to take out when I see them, because they are mostly farming for tags. I warped to the plex and of course the Condor warped out. Then another Tristan was in system and came on to me, which I was in my Incursus.

I took the battle from the Tristan and lost my Incursus because I made a couple of mistakes. I then see in local, the Caldari Condor pilot say “The Tristan won”. I said “at least she didnt warp off like you did”.

I then went back to Eugales and got one of my Hookbills and returned to Frairie. I seen the Tristan on D-Scan and warped directly to her. She took the fight and lost. We said our normal “gfs”, then I seen the condor on D-Scan and warped directly to where it was. I slid the gate and popped the Condor with 2 hits. I said in Local..”Tristan lost and so did you!”. The Tristan pilot laughed and I left system.

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