October 26, 2021

Been having some fun

When I run my fleets, I would normally run them out of Eugales. I would invite anyone who wanted to come along, to come and join us.

Eve University has a corporation campus right in our system and when someone was there they would join fleets, but I decided to do something different and run the fleets out of their home system Amygnon.

We have had a blast so far going on low sec roams. Most of the newbros from Eve University have never been in a fleet or have been in low sec and shooting other players. This has been a great as I get to educate new players on how to be in a fleet as well as increasing my own abilities to be able to adapt to new players and helping them along.

Avatar spotted!

One of the best things that has happened in the past few fleets is that the new players actually got to see an Avatar Titan while in space (before we all got popped).

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