October 26, 2021

Charity Fleets For WWP

I have now ran 2 fleets for charity. I am streaming and gathering donations for The Wounded Warrior Project. I ran them last Friday and Saturday nights starting at 8:00pm EST.

Fleet #1

Fleet #2

We got some good kills and I am planning on running another 2 fleets this coming weekend. If you would like to join and help raise funs I will be having giveaways for both the people in the fleets as well as eve players who make the biggest donations.

We form up in Amygnon at the structure called “Rivet City“. I hand out T1 frigates for anyone wanting to use some, or you can bring your own of course.

If you cannot make the fleet and would like to donate, please visit this link to my WWP page, all funds go directly to them and I do not get a cut.

If you would like to participate in chat during my stream please visit my Twitch Page to see us in action, where you can also donate.

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