October 26, 2021

Eve Online
This week’s fleet didn’t go as planned.
First thing, I am so happy to now have a tower for gaming and can now see and broadcast in the highest resolution for me and my viewers!
Second thing, I had so many hardware issues on Saturday that I had originally decided to cancel the fleet because of them. But, after some kicking and shoving and learning about this new tower and how everything hooks up, I finally did decide to get the fleet going. Unfortunately, I was unable to stream the last fleet, because that was a whole different set of issues I encountered.
I am sorry to all of the people who enjoy the fleets and also enjoy watching them on Twitch, but with all of the issues I was having, I couldn’t stream on Saturday night. On top of that it was a very slow night and there wasn’t a lot of content for everyone either way.
I DO promise, by next Saturday, I will be doing another fleet, I WILL be broadcasting it and it WILL look amazing as I get things ready to go!
Thank you to everyone who comes along on the fleets and my followers for sticking with me, without any of you, this wouldn’t be possible!


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