October 23, 2021


Apocalypse ( Battleship )

I was going to run a fleet last night, but of course my client didn’t want to work correctly (which has become a huge pain in the ass) and storms came through and my internet was all wacky.

After the storms went through I seen that I could once again fly in Eve Online. I was in a simple Breacher with a web and no scram or point. I seen an Apocalype and several frigate ships at a novice plex and decided to check it out. 

When doing pvp in Eve Online, when you see a bunch of frigates and a battleship sitting near a novice plex, most of the time, the frigates are attacking the battleship. In this case I was correct. There are times where a battleship is helping friends, but that’s more of a rare case scenario.

I arrived at the plex and there was an Imperial Navy Slicer, Federation Navy Comet, Succubus and a Garmur already engaged. I knew I wasn’t going to make it out alive, but decided to get on a nice killmail.  Fortunately for me, after the battleship was taken down, I was able to get away both from others not caring about me and or they were engaged with other ships. 

The point of this story is that even if you know you may die, it’s nice to get on a 400M killmail.

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