October 23, 2021

New Reasons To Watch And Join WWP Fleets

 New Prizes

Eve Online - Free To Play
I have been watching other streamers like LargeQuafeZero, MissMarisha & ContempoEnterprises for awhile now and I know they always have some sort of prize or drawing either during or at the end of their streams, so I have been thinking, what could I do differently with my streams?
I have some pretty decent luck with the Eve Online Hyprenet Relay, so I have decided, to be different, I am going to use the Relay to my advantage. I will now be giving away free ships that I have won off the Relay!
Now, not all ships will be stupendous or maybe not even exciting, but hey, its a FREE ship. 
Each week before my streams, I will be bidding on different types of ships, from industrial to fighting ships. These will include frigates up to battleships, to Orcas, and even Noctis’.
During my streams, I will give them away depending on the type of stream and what is going on. So, if you would like a chance to get a free ship, make sure to tune in for a chance to win one!
I can tell you this much, the first ship that will be given away will be a Praxis!

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