This past weekend, with the help of a lot of people, specially LargeQuafeZero and Chicken, we were able to achieve $1000 in donations from all of the fleets. Special thanks to LargeQuafeZero and Chicken for their last minute push to put us over the limit!

Because of last weekends Hijinks, I do plan on still taking out fleets this weekend. Also, if we can raise even more money, that would be an added bonus! If you are a FC and would like to do Saturday (after I get home from work) That would be great, there could still be the “ShitFit Sunday” fleets that would also be pretty cool because this would be the first time Chicken could run a fleet on her own and not be in the back seat.

So if you are in the area of Jita this weekend and want to participate, contact me here, or on Twitter @sakeineve or shoot me a mail in game or IRL

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