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Discover new exciting narratives and adventures at an unmissable price with the Dollar Chronicle Bundle. Enjoy 12 Steam PC titles filled with mischief, mystery, and the odd case of mayhem.

A 90s classic platformer returns with Flashback, in which you’ll help a scientist find a way back to Earth and unravel an insidious extra-terrestrial plot – now with post-FX graphic filters and completely remastered sound and music.

Join lasagne-loving Garfield and his pals in action-packed, power-up pumped races in Garfield Kart; head to Great Britain’s museum of natural history and defeat monstrous beings lurking in the fog-coated corridors in survival horror adventure Curse: The Eye of Isis; and enter enchanting landscapes in order to solve the mysteries of the famed white birds in point & click adventure Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy.

Choose your allegiance in a war-fueled world and lead your troops to victory in real-time strategy Black Moon Chronicles; hunts down an assassin who uses astrology to disguise his crimes as fearsome prophecies in point & click mystery Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy; and rediscover a classic story with a surprisingly original twist based on the tale by Charles Perrault in hidden object adventure Red Riding Hood – Star Crossed Lovers.

When you purchase this bundle, you also get a coupon for 5% off of your next order!

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