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Love strategy games? Then fill your boots with a huge selection of your PC games from your favorite genre with the brand-new Build your own Strategy Bundle.

Whether you enjoy real-time or turn-based, running an empire or leading an army, choose up to 10 Steam PC titles from this impressive line-up featuring highly-rated games, popular names, and much more.

Face new challenges as you begin your reign during colonial times in the multi-award-winning Tropico 5; build vast railways, maintain buildings and develop over 300 technologies to bring civilization into the ‘New World’ in the ‘Very Positive’ rated Railway Empire; and experience bigger battlefields, better graphics, new scenarios and legendary commanders in the World War II RTS Sudden Strike 4.

Rewrite medieval history through bloody siege combat in a fusion of RTS and grand strategy with Medieval Kingdom Wars; explore an entire solar system and its billions of inhabitants as you fight for the survival of your race in The Last Federation; and build your special operations team, plan and execute advanced missions in the highly-rated Breach & Clear.

Find these and many more awesome games available right here in the Build your own Strategy Bundle.

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