About this Bundle

The KILLER collection you’ve been dying to own. We’ve hunted down a fantastic choice of awesome Steam PC games for you to play in the brand-new Killer Bundle 20 – featuring three new-to-bundle keys!

With two tiers of games to select from, featuring a host of highly-rated titles, Killer’s got you covered for hours of gaming – with epic action adventures and more for you to dive into.

Tier One delivers a whopping 16 games across seven PC keys. Upgrade your weapons and battle through robot foes atop of towering skyscrapers in cyberpunk roguelite looter shooter Danger Scavenger; experience an anthology of 10 games from twisted minds inspired by the famous ‘P.T.’ demo with the story-rich survival horror Dread X Collection; and explore the dystopian procedural dungeons beneath your company campus as you defeat the founders of the cursed startups in the highly-rated beat ‘em up dungeon crawler Going Under.

Witness the terrifying legacy of the Weeping Angels as you solve mysteries through a phone in puzzle adventure Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins; learn from your mistakes and help Timmy dodge deadly traps to cheat death in action-adventure Rage in Peace; and attempt to perform forbidden alchemy experiments to restore your lost daughter’s soul in the disturbing visual novel My Lovely Daughter.

Loved the 80s arcade scene? Enjoy an epic coming-of-age story told through multiple games and genres with the ‘Very Positive’ rated retro-style 198X.

Take your Killer Bundle 20 experience to the max and grab Tier Two, where you’ll get access to all 18 games (nine Steam PC keys) including four ‘free’ DLCs!

Test your puzzle-solving, exploration, and combat skills as you immerse yourself in a huge interconnected world full of possibilities with the ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ rated Supraland; and choose from a vast array of powerful weapons, wicked demon powers, and destiny cards to forge your own unique demon-slaying hero in hack ‘n slash adventure Victor Vran ARPG – including the Cauldron of Chaos Map, Wanderer Outfit, Highlander Outfit, Tome of Souls Weapon DLC.

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