Thank you all for the great support this past year!

This has been a great year in Eve Online. I made a change in corps and also moved to Null Sec. I have learned a lot from going on many fleets with friends and having fun shooting others. I have also met some new and great friends while going on fleets and I am happy to say my Twitch channel is getting much better.

What an amazing year for fundraising for The Wounded Warrior Project and we have raised over $3000 in total for such a GREAT cause! Without my friends in and out of the game, this would not have been possible!

I have flown a lot of ships and lost a lot of ships as well. Overall I am ISK positive and plan on doing more fleets and going with others on more fleets. I will be streaming more this year and in 2022, I promise!

Thank you to everyone for making this a great year and I look forward to playing Eve Online with all of you and will stream more to engage others more and try to have as much fun as we can. Thank you all for your support this past year!


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