As you may or may not know, I play a ton of Eve Online, but Eve isn’t the only game I play a lot of.

I stream Eve Online, but want to start streaming other games I like to play. I am really liking the new Quake that came out this year and I am starting to get into the multiplayer version as well. I have always loved Quake since it first came out in June of 1996. I have loved this game just as much as DOOM.

DOOM, which I have been playing since this game first came out also, is a great game that brings the kid back out of me when playing. This wasn’t the first video game I started to play, back in the day, my friend had a Coleco Vision and he had the game Bruce Lee, which was just better than a stick figure game at the time. Check out this emulator of the original game here!

One of the coolest games I have played this year has been Skyrim. Yes, I know, its another ‘old’ game but I just started to really get back in it and started from scratch again. This MMO Game has my brain in a really cool fantasy mind and I love the storylines and how big the realms are. I now have The Elder Scrolls Online and plan on starting that as well this year and next year.

Another couple of really cool games are WarFrame and Star Wars Squadrons. These games have some great graphics and I have been having fun, although I am not as much of a FPS game like WarFrame but I dig it a lot. Which brings me to another FPS game that I started to play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. My son got me to buy and download this game. Now this is a very hard game for me to play because I am on a PC AND I don’t have a normal control like he does for his PS4.

So, wi8th all that has been said, what has been your top picks of games you have been playing this year? How have you been doing when playing and how much time have you been playing these games? Leave me some comments on your games, as well as, let me know if you would like me to stream more of the games I have mentioned above!

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For the record, some of the game links are affiliate links to game which I make a small bit of money from, which helps keeping this blog going.

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