Fanatical’s Build Your Game Creators Bundle

Quick Video On Creating Games

About this Bundle

Create your own virtual worlds and even experience games made from the same software with The Game Creators Bundle.

Featuring 20 products across three tiers, you’ll be able to build the foundations of your game and set the background – from realistic to the surreal – as well as add a huge number of added features, items, effects, and more.

Tier One gives you GameGuru, which guides you through an easy yet comprehensive game creation process with powerful editing tools to build even the most complex of levels. You’ll also get over 1,500 ready-made items to add to your game world with GameGuru Mega Pack 1 DLC, GameGuru Mega Pack 2 DLC, and GameGuru Mega Pack 3 DLC; as well as 50 quality building assets to create thriving city locations with GameGuru – Buildings Pack DLC.

Plus, Tier One features Fungoids, the classic styled ‘bomb ’em up inspired by games from the 1980s.

Opt for Tier Two and you’ll get an additional five game creation packs plus two Steam PC games. Get access to an easy, instant game development engine ideal for beginners, hobbyists, and indie developers with AppGameKit Classic; and over 2,000 sprites with the AppGameKit – Giant Asset Pack 1 DLC & AppGameKit – Giant Asset Pack 2 DLC.

Inspire your creative juices with out-of-this-world items with GameGuru – Sci-Fi Mission to Mars Pack DLC; and choose from a high-quality PBR collection of props to populate the construction yards, building sites, workshops, and more with GameGuru – Construction Site Pack.

Penetrate asteroid belts, swoop low across alien moons, and weave through narrow caverns as you take the fight to an unknown enemy in sidescrolling shoot ’em up Solar Wind; and solve a plentiful of puzzles and mysteries as you locate hidden treasures in the text-based adventure The Eye of Borrack.

Or why not choose Tier Three and get Tier One and Tier Two’s content along with an extra five packs and two super games. Get to grips with a re-imagined game development user interface with an all-in-one workspace and publish your games to Steam with ease with AppGameKit Studio; and choose from detailed 2D and 3D assets to add to your game with AppGameKit Studio – MEGA Media Pack – DLC.

Furnish your levels, quite literally, with classic attire with GameGuru – Antiques In The Attic Pack; build unusual realms for your brave wizards and warriors to explore with GameGuru – Fantasy Pack DLC; and build dystopian post-nuclear worlds with weapons and items to match with GameGuru – Military Pack – DLC.

Battle across an open world in very challenging, turn-based scenarios in retro adventure Solstice; and interact with fellow characters and your environment to solve puzzles and ultimately find a way home in sci-fi adventure Stranded 2

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