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Fit for royalty. Experience a diverse line-up of chess Steam titles in one unique collection with the Kings & Queens Bundle – featuring 5 new-to-bundle keys!

Whether you’re a newcomer or more of an experienced player who knows your Sicilian Defense from your Queen’s Gambit, this selection of PC keys across three tiers features classic, new-age and surreal takes on the ever-popular tabletop game.

Jump straight in with Tier One and get five games to enjoy – including the beautifully designed, carefully selected chess puzzle collection of Zen Chess: Mate in One, Zen Chess: Mate in Two, Zen Chess: Mate in Three, and Zen Chess: Mate in Four. These titles are accompanied alongside Zen Chess: Champion’s Moves, which puts you in the position of a World Chess Champion, where you’ll through historical games and solve the same chess problems the champions had to solve to win each game.

Choose Tier Two and you’ll get an additional six chess-based games to enjoy. Explore hand-crafted levels with increasing complexity across a trio of games in Unlock The King 1-3; successfully capture all pieces of the same color before eliminating its King in the fun, relaxing world of Hang The Kings; and trigger buttons, teleportation tiles, and movable parts as you attempt to take the opposition knight’s place in Knight Swap.

Take your game beyond a simplistic table and board – rearrange your troops to bring your best Knights back to your Kingdom in an abstract medieval world in Knight’s Retreat.

Or why not get the full tabletop-fuelled collection with Tier Three and experience all 17 Steam PC games. Enjoy more levels, more gameplay mechanics, and more fun with Knight Swap 2; memorize the board to solve tricky chess puzzle challenges in Zen Chess: Blindfold Masters; and fast draw your gun in kill-or-be-killed duels in the old west in Chess Knights: High Noon.

Unlock new scenarios and chess pieces as you prove yourself to be a real warrior in Samurai Chess; go gung-ho and defeat your ‘partner’ in the gunslinging world of Wild Wild Chess; and enter beautiful Viking Lands and prove that your strategy is worthy of the gods in Ragnarok Chess.

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