October 23, 2021

About Me

This is “Sakein” pronounced – “sah-keen“. He is a character in the mmorpg video game Eve Online.
He is in a new corporation within the game called Heads Or Tails INC, Mostly an industrial corporation with a few solo and fleet PVP’ers. He helps with recruitment, running combat fleets and helping the corporation where he is needed. He is also part of the counsel (management) that is made up of 4 other people whom make the decisions for what is best for the corporation.
He has a long back story of how he got to where he is now, but that will be in another page yet to come, but the story will be an interesting read once it’s completed.

This is my gaming logo. I stream video games on Twitch, which is mostly Eve Online, but I also stream games like Darkest DungeonDoomUnreal Tournament as well as others. 
I really enjoy gaming which helps me relax and have fun after hard days at work, this is my outlet to have fun and interact with other gamers and my very small group of fans. I normally stream on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I stream from 8-11pm EST. On Saturdays I run charity fleets in Eve Online for charity The Wounded Warrior Project. There will also be a page dedicated to the charity fleets in run on Saturday nights coming soon.
I am also an official Eve Online affiliate through Markee Dragon.
I have a few social media outlets as well. You can reach me through Twitter, Twitch, Email and Instagram.