Watch Me Live

I mostly play Eve Online, but I do try to stream other games that I am learning or having a lot of fun with. I am always open to ideas on other games to stream. I want to have a lot of participation with viewers and hope you will follow my channel and enjoy my streams.

You can also check out the rest of my site because I am trying to get a site going to show off great deals on video games and the alike. I will be getting a lot of the games I am wanting to stream and hope you will come back to future streams to help me learn new games and probably tell me how horrible I am at it, or tell me that I shouldn’t do it that way!

I will also have any deals going listed below on this page so if it is a game that others can join it, that would be really cool also! In the mean time check out my Game Deals Category and get some great deals on games you may have been wanting, but didn’t want to pay full price for it!

**Yes, I do get a small percentage for any sale through my website, but this helps me to buy games you would want to see me stream and be interactive with me on stream!

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